Google phone with T-Mobile.. Seriously??

The first cellphone running Google's Android software was unveiled Tuesday. (Reuters, stolen from
The first cellphone running Google's Android software was unveiled Tuesday. (Reuters, stolen from
Google unveiled the G1 phone today. Ok, that is good, but what is with these top tier companies like Apple and Google partnering up with crappy service providers like AT&T and T-Mobile?

The devices may be cool, but if there is no network attached to them or it takes minutes to send and read simple emails or bring up a web site that users are accustomed to loading quickly via their broadband connections, who cares? More than once in the past week, I can picked up my low-tech Razr with Verizon phone just to make simple phone calls and send text messages because my iPhone had that No Service message at the top.

Guys, pay attention to the network as much as you pay attention to the touch screen and phone apps. No network means no phone.

Oh, yeah.. and since Time Warner RoadRunner has been down for OVER A WEEK NOW, my Verizon wireless card has been going strong.

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3 Replies to “Google phone with T-Mobile.. Seriously??”

  1. It all depends where you live. Around Lowell MA, T-mobile turns out to be the best. My roomate has at&t and always has to go to the street to answers his phone. My girlfriend just got a new phonw with verizon and i cant never get in touch with her as lonf as shes in her street. I got Tmobile and I haven’t had a sigle problem around here with my crappy razor.

  2. @leo Google, Apple and MS should join forces and create their own cell phone network.. they have more money than God. Then, they can compete on devices and software instead of each being dragged down by these “partnerships” that rely on crappy networks. But, I’m just a dog and my nose works just fine for communinicatin’ with my buds!

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