Happy New Year from Scratch Baking


A care packages of goodies from Scratch Baking Company arrived for us today; dog cookies, bagels and coconut cake. While Sallie went right in (she’s the boss, what can I say) all the dogs got a cookie.

And dined later on bagels and coconut cake.

Then they napped.

A very special thank you to Saxon Henry who shipped us the goodies. Yum, yum, yum!

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2 Responses to Happy New Year from Scratch Baking

  1. Saxon Henry says:

    Looks like the girl knows what she likes! It’s so great seeing Charlie being such a gentleman at his size, even as you can tell he’s enraptured and so eager for a bite! What a sweet guy, huh? Glad I could make everyone’s afternoon a little sweeter: Happy New Year @dogwalkblog clan!

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