Health care debate and I am fed up

I am fed up with the baseless slinging of “facts” by pundits and people of opinion of all sides of the national health care debate. Last night on MSNBC (I think the Rachel Maddow Show), I heard a women ask the president if the health care plan will force old people to disclose how they want to die, like they were ordering off a McDonald’s menu. Today, I read an opinion piece by Theodore Dalrymple (Anthony Daniels) in the WSJ about why health care is not a right. The piece was so badly argued that the writer used the fact that his “British friend” could think of no good reason why it is not ok to just let people die in the streets other than they have a right to health care.

Sharp minds indeed.

So, I am putting together a database of people I find who insist on arguing for or against (or another position) health care reform. All they need do is simply disclose their situation so the reader can then make use his/her own mind as to the credibility of their opinions.

The form can be found here and is a page on this blog in the top menu. The data can be viewed using the links provided. (We’re using Google Docs, cause they are free. I’ve got health insurance to pay for folks!)

So, the next time you read someone (in the newspaper, magazine, Internet, Twitter, etc) express an opinion, encourage them to fill out the form and prove they know what they are talking about. If they don’t want to fill out the form, complete it for them and indicate that they refused to disclose.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and we don’t want to impinge on that. But, we should know how credible that opinion is before we start agreeing or disagreeing with them.

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