Here, let me help you

“Here, let me help you with that,” I heard to my left as I was waiting for some testing at the doctor’s office. I glanced over to an older gentleman who was trying to tie his shoe that has come undone. His wife had jumped in to tie his shoe for him.

Our eyes met briefly before he turned his head, silently resigned to the public indignity of having someone else tie his own shoes for him. And what made it worse was that he had to accept it from someone whom he should be trusting would never inflict that embarrassment on him.



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  1. There’s a thin line between “helping” and “controlling”. This is something those who are passive-aggressive have a hard time recognizing in themselves. This kind of behavior is a typical pattern that couples fall into without even realizing it. It’s sad that entire nations do –but not too surprising. We’ve been trained well!

  2. I see this a lot with older people at the grocery store. The man just resigns himself to pushing the cart around while his wife makes it her job to tell him what he likes and doesn’t like. “Yes, Dear” is all we hear. Like watching a Walter Mitty convention…

  3. You’ve once again stunned me by the relevance you make me feel my writing has. It is the dream I’ve had for years as I’ve held this story in, trying to go the traditional route of publishing and gaining no support for it. I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome than to have someone whose own writing and vision I respect so much to give my work this level of regard. Deepest gratitude for your support…truly!

    I meant it when I said it takes intelligence and talent to take disparate cords and connect them into a cohesive story as you have here. You’ve done the world a great service by making people think about things beyond the superficial and the obvious. We need more of this in these trying times of dignity-destroying actions between humans and global powers.

  4. Saxon, thank you but I’m just a broken-down mutt, barking in a back yard somebody locked me up in, whose paw prints in the dirt are just one good wind gust away from being blown away forever. 🙂

  5. It’s not just with older people, this really relates to how people raise their children. If you’re always there to catch someone when they fall, they can never grow!

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