Holy crap, Barry. Give me the gun and walk away


The White House released the above photo of President Obama shooting skeet at Camp David, mostly because some reporter was badgering Jay Carney about producing photo evidence of his claim that he shoots skeet.

Ok. Cue up the silly. I’m pretty sure the president has made some other claims for things he has done that don’t have photographic evidence; things like picking his nose or eating Cheetos in his underwear. We really need to move off the standard of “if there is no photo, it is a lie.”

But I digress.

The real issue I have here is that Barack Obama may not be all that skilled at shooting skeet. From the angle of the shotgun, he either fired way too early or way too late, probably scaring the pants off more than one person around him. Maybe this was him just starting out learning how to shoot. At any rate, it is about as flattering as a bowler throwing a gutter ball.

Oh, yeah he did that too.

But all this is ok. He can sing, he can dance and he is the president at a younger age than me. And he has thrown away his dad jeans in favor of dark denim, hitched at his hips. So what if he can’t shoot.

Happy everyone?

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    Love this Blog!