How me and the Mayor of Dayton, Ohio – Gary Leitzell – became best buds

Gary Leitzell

Well, in all honesty, we’re not best buds yet. We’re not even Facebook friends, but that is all I’m shooting for anyway.

Back in November of 2009, Gary got himself elected Mayor of Dayton, Ohio. I didn’t vote for him because I couldn’t as I live in Englewood.* Apparently they have laws here and Dayton ain’t no Chicago in a lot of ways. But that is another story entirely. (Incidentally, if I did live in Dayton, I would have voted for Gary.)

Here was a cool cat who wore an earring, ran as an independent and “got” all this social media stuff. That, I thought, was going to be a refreshing change from the slightly odd Rhin McLin with her collection of hats and squeaky voice who never seemed to be quite all there in a conversation.

So I requested to be Gary’s friend. More accurately, my editor requested because Facebook doesn’t let dogs have profiles. But they will let them have fan pages!

Then nothing. Long pause between November and April.

So, I tried again and this time, Gary writes back. He said:

I currently have 213 “Friend Requests” from people that I don’t know or have never met. It increases daily! One day, when I meet you and if I like you, I will click that button.

So I invited him to lunch. I’m pretty sure he will like me after only a few minutes and we will be on the road to becoming best buds. (I’m buying or we can go Dutch if that would be considered a gift and cause problems on down the road with your relection. My favorite Dayton spot is Smokin’ BBQ on Fifth.)

So, the ball is in his court. If you would like Gary to have lunch with me and become my Facebook friend, drop him a line (937-333-3636), send out a tweet, write him an email or send him a message on Facebook and let him know what wonderful folks we here at the DogWalk are.

And drop your comments below. Heck, seems to me a great excuse for Gary to meet the movers and shakers on the social media scene in Dayton, Ohio! Maybe instead of a lunch, we should just plan a big ol’ neighborhood picnic.

Yes? Hop on the comments below, let’s make it happen.

*Every time I think of OUR mayor, Patricia Burnside, I think of that late ’70s sitcom Carter Country and have a private chuckle. Mayor Burnside, Mayor Bunside

5 Replies to “How me and the Mayor of Dayton, Ohio – Gary Leitzell – became best buds”

  1. Interesting concept – I did not vote for him either as I live in Trotwood but I do have clients that are located in Dayton. I guess I could go on and request to be his friend but I would like to meet him (more personally) before I go ahead with the request.

    If he approves lunch (I hear he likes The Embassy) I plan to join you. As a matter of fact – we should just make it a big ole tweetup! 🙂 I’m sure he would enjoy the social aspect of those who voted for him (or maybe not) who knows….

    Here’s to hoping he accepts!

  2. @Angel I like the idea of a “Tweet Up with the Mayor” I’ll bet that is not being done in any city anywhere. Dayton could be a first here! Sure hope Gary thinks it’s a good idea as well.

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