How tenacious is your God?

This post may lay bare some deep dark things, so you may think twice about reading it. I am probably risking excommunication by even writing this blog. I’ll risk it.


Anyone who thinks the Stupak Amendment to the Health Care Bill HR 3962 has nothing to do with overturning Roe v. Wade fundamentally does not understand the true Pro-Life agenda waged by the Catholic Church (anyone else of a different faith is a poser.) Their agenda is to harass and disrupt any and all pro-choice options at any and all cost. There is nothing less than eternal life and damnation in the balance for any Catholic who actively or passively supports abortion rights. Some of these folks are violent, but most of them are tenacious and very, very intelligent.

I heard Chris Matthews poo-poo the suggestion made by one of his guests last night. In fact, he did not just poo-poo it, he almost violently dismissed it. Deep down, he being Catholic and raised such “at a certain time” probably knows this very ugly truth, but also knows that if he explores it, he risks his job. The topic has almost as much secrecy, tenacity and visceral fear among Catholics as does the Opus Dei in a Dan Brown novel.

This is not light stuff. This is the dogma of terror the Catholic Church uses to seek out its agenda. Just because the Church does not have the prominence and authority it had during the Middle Ages and the Spanish Inquisition does not mean it is less powerful within the faithful. The Catholic God is a very tenacious god. He is infinite and these ebbs and flows of human culture are merely a ripple in His pond.

Roe v Wade is borne of the laws of man. The sacred miracle of life is the law of God. God is more important than the laws of man. Because man is more frail and less patient than God, He will ultimately prevail. The faithful just need to steer the cause through the political waters of governments and popular cultures. And then strike when their guard is down, like an amendment to a health care bill the supporters are desperate to pass. If you lay aside the religious implications of it all, you have to admire Stupak’s deft, patience and political skill. You didn’t even see it coming. For that, he will probably be given a plenary indulgence.

But if life was sacred, why do we then have people like Scott Roeder or Paul Hill applauded as heros in the Pro-Life camp? Because in these cases, taking one life saved thousands. As in war, that is justified. While the Catholic Church publicly denounces these murders, within their ranks, there is a hushed approval of the courage and dedication to the cause. The murder of Dr. Tiller or Dr. Britton would not only prevent the abortions each would have performed directly, but make other doctors fearful for their lives and stop performing abortions as well. In that context, the act of killing is justified. It is the same argument the Church uses for soldiers at war.

And make no mistake, this is a war.

Kinda sounds like the extreme Islamic terrorism that we are purporting to fight over there, doesn’t it? Or the argument Maj. Hasan is purported to have used to justify his shooting rampage at Fort Hood. It is, in fact, the same argument. We just think it’s different because we believe our Christian God is the right God.

This is not conspiracy theory; this is the long-term agenda of a group of very dedicated, very passionate people who believe that they are on a mission from God and that even if they don’t complete the mission in their lifetime, they will have done their part in advancing the baton further so that one day, Roe v Wade will be overturned. They are prepared to think in terms of thousands of years and thousands of lives. The agenda and the people who espouse it should not be taken lightly. And they are everywhere.

HR 3962 will become an “abortion bill” whether President Obama likes it or not. In fact, it already has. The Pro-Life supporters will forego the chance to save thousands of lives by providing insurance to the uninsured in favor of saving one life lost through abortion, so focused is their cause.

The only thing that will kill off the Stupak Amendment on the health care bill is if the Pro-Life wing nuts overplay their hand and the media exposes them as crackpots. The Church is praying they won’t; the rest of us better be praying they will.

Full disclosure: I was raised Catholic and am currently in remission. My parish was perhaps one of the most militant branches of Catholicism you can possibly imagine. If the Spanish Inquisition was legal, the Monseigneur who was the pastor then would have brought it back. Masses were said in Latin and you lived in deep fear for your eternal soul every day of your life. If it wasn’t the Russians invading and torturing Catholics, it was the pro-choice heretics or the Anti-Christ who was being groomed for world domination, starting with the slaying of all the Catholics.

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  1. As another Catholic in remission, I think you are right about this. The Catholic Church, and all the other organized religions who are anti-abortion, historically take that stand because it increases their numbers. These days, independent thinkers are more likely to see increasing the world population as a problem than as a goal. We are at war, nationally and internationally. So it goes.

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