How will you pay for health care??

How will you pay for your marriage? Yet, you still go out and have a wedding. How will you pay for kids? Yet, you still get pregnant. How will you pay for {insert life event here}

Yet, we still do all these things. Most of the time, we do without a plan to pay for them. Because they are what life is about.

Yet, we are willing to forego health care reform because we are worried about how to pay for it?

People will get sick. People will need health care. The real question should be:

How will you pay when you get sick?

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  1. I agree completely. We have the most expensive health care in the world, with much less than the best results. Many countries that have less expensive care–even care that we would classify as “socialized”–have a far healthier population. All the MRI machines and brilliant new drugs in the world won’t help us if we and our neighbors can’t afford to use them.

    I am middle-aged, but my health insurance costs me more than $1,600 a month, because of some health conditions. In addition to that, my prescriptions average about $1,000 a month–beyond what my insurance covers, as it runs out for me early in the year.

    And yet, because of my medical situation, I have NO choice about my insurance coverage. There isn’t another provider that would give me, a self-employed person, a policy–unless they exclude all preexisting conditions.

    This will bankrupt me in time. It’s criminal. And I am one of the “lucky” ones, in that I can currently struggle by and pay for the insurance and prescriptions. There are people my age and younger who can’t even do that. And of course there are many older people who have to decide between paying rent and paying for prescriptions.

    People in countries with good national health care can’t imagine what we’re thinking here in the US. Oh wait. We aren’t!

  2. I think when the media/White House starts floating the costs as a comparison to mortgage payment, i.e., “average health insurance premiums are more than mortgage payments” people will start paying attention. It becomes more real to them because they know how much their mortgage is! Worked for Wendy’s $1 menu.

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