I became an artist because I hate math

During my stint at the Dayton Daily News, I used to do career day at local schools. I think everyone at the paper just wanted a day off from me which is why they always nominated me to go. That’s ok; give me an open mic and a stage and I’m all over it!

So I showed up at a Dayton elementary school to speak to a classroom full of fourth-graders. There was the usual collection of policemen with their uniforms and shiny badges and fireman in hats — with firetrucks parked out in front for the kids to climb on later — lined up ready to speak.


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  1. Did you really say, “Give me an open mic and a stage and I’m all over it!” (Is that “Don’t Stop Believing” I hear in the distance??)

    I remember those days of spec-ing type… I could chisel out Cheltenham Medium Condensed better than anyone!

    Good post as usual. Loved your use of the word “strode.” Nice work!

  2. Love your post! Too often, elementary education focuses on learning a lesson. Much too infrequently, children get the opportunity to apply knowledge to life. I encourage other teachers to incorporate creative ways to to apply lessons to life. One example was when my child’s math class measured diameters and circumferences using tree stumps. Ecology was an important part of the school’s theme that year. Even by itself, however, the lesson got them out of the classroom, moving around, and using math.

  3. Well, truthfully, nerd me always liked school. Of course, when I went during the fifties and sixties, kids were expected to just memorize what we were given, whether we liked it or not. But, as I say… I liked it! But as one who has done my share of public speaking (I won trophies in collegiate competition), I do know the feeling of sitting in a chair, waiting for my turn to follow the guy who’s just aced it! Wonderful save, my man!

  4. This reminds me of every trip I ever make to Panera Bread. When I get up to the counter, I always ask if they have salt bagels. Nine times out of ten, the person behind the counter would say, “No, but a lot of people ask for them!” So…. should they just not solve the problem and make salt bagels??

    Back to education.. teachers will tell you the number one complaint students have with math, “when are we ever gonna use this in the real world?” SOLVE THAT by doing something about it, not just complain that everyone asks that stupid question.

    But I fear the solution our “leaders” will employ is just to eliminate math from the curriculum. Problem solved; nobody asks when they are gonna use that in real life anymore.

  5. OMG – that was the best!!!!! I loved math when I was a kid – stlll do – but the thought of being and Engineer seemed dreadful to me. I decided to become an “artist” and became a kitchen and bath designer – guess what – I do math every day!!! I love the way math sneeks into your life and is absolute! With design there are so many options, with math – there is only one answer.

    Kind of nice when our world has so many options!

    Thank you so such a fun blog!

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