I love Cesar Millan, but he has made my life hell

I love Cesar Millan*, but he has made my life hell, along with Emeril LaGasse, Mike Holmes, and Alton Brown. But those other guys are a completely different — though not unrelated — post. Maybe later.

You see, Cesar has made almost everyone else in the pound an expert on dog behavior with an endless supply of advice, tips and techniques “I should try instead.”

Throughout February and beyond, it has been snowing, raining or bone-chilling cold. No, wait, last Wed was really nice. So was Thursday. I digress. That is one hundred twenty-nine walks through snow drifts, snow plow mounds, shuffling along on ice, two pretty nasty falls, one cracked elbow and one racked-up hip joint. Yet, we walk on, three times a day, rain or shine, snow or frost.

And not one of my “experts” was walking alongside me. Not one of my experts volunteered to scoop and carry the poop. I may not be doing it all right, but at least I’m out there every day doing it.

Cesar, I don’t begrudge you your success, but can you please add a disclaimer to your show? Can you add a warning to anyone who does not own or walk a dog to please keep their big trap shut to those who do? We would really appreciate the extra support.

To the rest of you, go walk yourself. It’s long overdue.

*See? That’s me watching The Dog Whisperer.

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