My buddy Kevin

This is Kevin. He is there every morning as we go through the Englewood Tim Horton’s drive-through window. He knows who I am, he knows I like two honey-dipped Tim Bits with my decaf coffee and he is always cheerful. I don’t know if he likes his job, what he does on his day off (except he sings at the Salem Church of God) or what his family is like. I don’t know if he lives with caring people or whether he is even happy.

But, I do know a few things about him. He always makes my morning a whole lot more cheerful when I see him, he makes it a point to know a lot of people who come through his window — and makes them feel special as well, and Tim Horton’s is very, very lucky to have him. But mostly what I know is, whatever they are paying him to make my day a little bit better will never, ever be enough.

Thank you, Kevin, for making me feel like a very special dog every morning.

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2 Responses to My buddy Kevin

  1. Kevin says:


    It is always a pleasure to serve you Timbits. You are welcome to them anytime you want.
    Thank you for thinking so highly of me, too. You made my day with your very kind thoughts and words.

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