I remember that feeling

Peggy Noonan hits hope home with a recovery plan that taps into the real and only assets we each have; the human spirit. She says things a whole lot better than I could even paraphrase, so I won’t except to share the last paragraph with you.

Dynamism has been leached from our system for now, but not from the human brain or heart. Just as our political regeneration will happen locally, in counties and states that learn how to control themselves and demonstrate how to govern effectively in a time of limits, so will our economic regeneration. That will begin in someone’s garage, somebody’s kitchen, as it did in the case of Messrs. Jobs and Wozniak. The comeback will be from the ground up and will start with innovation. No one trusts big anymore. In the future everything will be local. That’s where the magic will be. And no amount of pessimism will stop it once it starts.

Please read the entire article and think on it for a few days. Then decide how much you take for granted and how much of what you have is a foothold someone else gave you.

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