I want my O back!

Oscar the Grouch instead of Roland Burris for O Senator
Oscar the Grouch instead of Roland Burris for O Senator
I don’t really have an opinion about the Blagojevich thing other than the following:

  • Blagojevich IS the elected governor of Illinois
  • In America, you are innocent until proven guilty, even if they have tapes of you admitting a crime. Ask Rodney King
  • The Illinois state constitution gives the governor, not the legislature or the voters, the power to appoint a US Senator should the seat become vacant
  • To NOT appoint someone to fill the Illinois Senate seat would be just another in a long list of things the governor would be accused of doing. He is ethically, morally and constitutionally obligated to appoint someone. It is his job.

    And all these Senators posturing about not seating Roland Burris is just a bunch of crap. We here in “Real America” know that the whole lot of you paid for your seat in unhealthy doses of hubris, ego and campaign contributions. Please, quit the moral posturing. You’re all guilty of something. We just don’t have it on tape.

    Now, what really upsets me is the the letter “O” will no longer be represented in the US Senate. Is Sesame Street aware of this? Where are their lobbyists on this one? Can Oscar the Grouch be appointed? He may live in a trash can in New York, but I think he may be a legal resident of Chicago.

    I don’t think we should mourn the loss of the only African-American in the Senate as much as we should be mourning the loss of the Letter O representation. Obama was the One, the Only, the O.

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    1. @YesBiscuit! I disagree with Mr. Obama on that one. I think that he should make a statement that says that the United States of America is governed by the rule of law and as a US Senator, he is duty-bound to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and that it would be inappropriate to weigh in on Mr. Blagojevich’s guilt or innocence as well as his actions as a result. He should have called for his party’s discretion and faith in the State of Illinois to resolve the matter within their established processes.

      While Mr. Blagojevich may be politically crippled and his reported actions appear to be reprehensible, he does have rights under the US and Illinois Constitutions. And, he is still the elected governor of the State of Illinois until he has been impeached and removed by virtue of due process. Furthermore, we are the United STATES of America where each state reserves rights for itself. One of those rights is to choose who to send to the US Senate, not the other way around.

      While Mr. Obama is certainly entitled to his opinion on the matter and the citizens, his colleagues and journalists all cambered for him to support the removal of Mr. Blagojevich, it is this puppy’s opinion that he would have shown more wisdom to defer to the due process of law; the same process which allowed him to become the president-elect.

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