I’d rather be certain than right… PUCO storms again

A couple of years ago, John Stewart of The Daily Show asked one of his guests if Pres. George Bush would “rather be certain than right.” (RBCTR) I wish I could remember the guest, the show, the context, but I do remember the question and apply it to any politician, elected official, boss-man that uses hyperbole to describe a situation or action.

The latest RBCTR came from the PUCO chairman, Alan Schriber in a DDN article when asked if Dayton Power & Light was somewhat at fault for not maintaining their lines and poles, exacerbating the power outage that even now, one week later, 74,000 people are without power.

PUCO Chairman Alan Schriber said it’s “absurd” to think better maintenance would have made a difference in reducing damage from the “absolutely, unequivocally unprecedented” storm.

Hmmmm… unprecedented? Let’s take a look at some recent “unprecendented” events… Xenia tornados April 4, 1974, and September 20, 2000 (they even have a web site!) … oh, we don’t even have to go further, but we could back to the Great Dayton Flood of 1913.

So, Mr. Schriber, before speaking in absolute terms, please look up your facts. Dayton sits in a valley (Miami Valley maybe?) that is a conduit for wind. You could even say that it is God’s little wind tunnel if you want. It is the termination point for large storms that plow onto land from the Gulf Coast. When they are strong enough, we get the last of the rains, winds and general bad weather. Moreover, I can predict when my alarm company is going to be calling me, saying the power is down at my office. I just lick my paw, lift it into the air. If it is dry within a minute, it is windy enough to knock out a DP&L power line somewhere with ease.

PUCO is supposed to be the advocate for consumers to protect us from the monopolistic activities of the utility companies. It looks like the Commission has already made up its mind that DP&L is entirely, unequivocally and absolutely without blame.

Of that, I am certain and right.

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  1. It wasn’t as if the Weather Channel predicted Ike’s follow through on land DIRECTLY into Midwest for DAYS before it hit the Gulf. Obviously there was no forwarning at all….
    Who listens to the news anyway!
    (ummm wait maybe if the DDN could actually deliver the paper I paid for I might be more informed…)

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