If you would have let me go to the party, this would not have happened OR how to blame the other guy for you being stupid

Deepwater Horizon BP Oil Rig Image

Somewhere in America (or even perhaps in a lot of somewheres) a teenager slipped out of her room through the window last night to meet her boyfriend who drove a less-than-safe car to go to a party that her parents said she couldn’t go to. There were probably a lot of reasons for her parents to say “no,” though she was not about to hear any of them. All she knew is her parents were being a-holes about the whole thing.

About half-way to the party, her boyfriend who may or may not have been under the influence of some substance or other made a stupid move with his less-than-safe car and it crashed off the road. They weren’t seriously hurt, but when the police came, they arrested him and called the teen-ager’s parents.

“This never would have happened if you would have let me go to the party and I could have driven my own car!” she later screamed at them as they were driving home.

* * *

Let’s peek into Sarah Palin’s house and read her latest argument about the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster. You can read the whole thing if you want, but the gist of it is “it is the ‘extreme enviros’ fault that this disaster occurred. If they would have let us drill close to shore and in places like ANWR, this never would have happened.”

Take a moment to compare the two. Take another to get angry.

The scary part of this argument is it is not just Sarah Palin; it is Bobby Jindal and the band of right-wing bloggers and commenters, thumping this argument. Eventually, it will become the GOP position to justify their support of “drill, baby, drill.”

We don’t need leadership of people who have reasoning ability no more advanced than that of a bratty teenager who just got caught doing something she was not supposed to be doing. Keep the adults in the driver’s seat and let’s think like adults. It was corporate decisions, lax government oversight and extreme greed that created this disaster.

Let’s lay blame where it needs to be. And like any good parent deals with teen-aged logic, let’s not feed and validate it by engaging it.

2 Replies to “If you would have let me go to the party, this would not have happened OR how to blame the other guy for you being stupid”

  1. Having read the Sarah Palin harangue, my fear was that it would become a mantra for the Republicans. I’m surprised we haven’t heard her “argument” more often. Having lived through the teenage years myself and again through the kids, I’ve always chalked up such “logic” and behavior as merely immature. Scientific studies have verified that the brains of young people don’t process information the way adult brains process. That said, I hesitate to ascribe support for the oil economy to anything other than economic motivations.

  2. @euonymous I kinda thought the same thing that Palin’s reasoning wouldn’t take off, but I’m seeing it pop up in the comments in political blogs more and more… so while it might take some time for the GOP to start officially using it, the ground troops already are. Quite scary.

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