Insurance disclosures

I watched Joe, Mika and Chris on Morning Joe this morning. In case you missed it, here it is.

I think the only thing that will bring clarity to this health care issue is full disclosure by everyone who goes on television against health care. All they need do it fill in this simple questionnaire and the answers will be shown on a crawler under their name as they speak.

– Who is your health insurance company?
– Who is paying for your policy?
– What is your annual contribution?
– What is your annual deductible?
– Can this policy be revoked due to a particular illness or accident?

That is it. Just five simple questions that don’t have very long answers, so they could easily scroll as the person is talking. Then, the viewer can determine a person’s credibility with the subject matter. As I suspect, Joe and Mika will both have policies paid for by NBC, their annual contributions will be far less than the annual salary of a 40hr work week minimum wage job, deductibles be almost nothing, if anything and the policy couldn’t be revoked as long as they are employed by NBC.

Just guessing. Until pundits agree to disclose the answers to these five basic questions, I’m not trusting any of them.

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