Irene updates from Dayton, Ohio

As a public service, I am posting an update of what hurricane Irene looks like from Dayton, Ohio. Anyone can give you live updates from the eye of the storm, but very few news organizations are reporting on the storm as it looks about 700 miles away.

You’re welcome.

Here is a short video of the ancillary wind at the dog park. Notice the havoc it is wreaking on the leaves of that poor, defenseless tree.

And here is a photo of the NE sky — the same sky that is over New York City right now — as it appears in Dayton, Ohio. Horrifying.

All in good fun. For my friends on the East Coast, stay safe. I know you are all taking this as seriously as we take tornados.

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2 Responses to Irene updates from Dayton, Ohio

  1. James Dibben says:

    Hmmm, that’s exactly what it looks like from here in Kansas City. I don’t see what the big deal is.

  2. Rufus Dogg says:

    Exactly. These folks need some hearty Midwest stoicism. 🙂