4 Replies to “Irony, pay back, Karma.. you decide”

  1. That article got me reading the Dayton, Ohio, crime news. Man, and I thought Los Angeles was a scary place to live …. Dayton appears to have it all over the “big city” when it comes to crime.

  2. @Ricky All of the crime and none of the brains!! 😉 I’m glad we were able to entertain you. As businesses keep moving away, unemployment keep climbing, cronyism thrives and the foreclosure rate keep climbing, if you don’t laugh, you cry.

    I don’t live IN Dayton proper, (10 miles north) but still too damn close to call anything else home.

  3. Ah. the next time somebody describes an area as a “great place to raise a family” you should run like heck 🙂

    Johnny Horton.. Greatest Hits, memories from my puppyhood.. that and Teresa Brewer, hank Williams, Hank Snow, The Browns… ahhhh.. the warm sounds of pre-CD …

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