Is social media a fad?

I think the difference between Social Media channels and traditional channels is on SM, users rally around the tools, not the message. Most users are too busy yelling out their own message — because they can — that they no longer become part of the community in which they are yelling. Instead of a community of 50 million, we are all becoming 50 million communities of one.

Just thinking out loud. You?

2 Replies to “Is social media a fad?”

  1. Interesting question. Like everything else we encounter, it is eventually up to the individual and how he chooses to use social media. Translation: for some of us, it will be around for a long time.

  2. social media *is* a fad- like radio, television, newspapers and magazines. it will wax and wane in popularity and importance, like all the above, and eventually will be come outmoded and replaced, just as is happening to the above methods of communication. for now, and the immediate future, it is here, and i say embrace it- i *like* my community of people scattered across the world, via my blog, facebook and twitter…

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