It will soon be September

It is mid August and it will soon be September.

I always get a bit nostalgic when September rolls around. It marks the end of summer but it also makes that calendar crease when the new year we were just celebrating tips into the bucket of another year gone by.

I get a bit lonely, but cheer up thinking about the smell of fall, the crackle of leaves, the feel of crisp morning air drawing inside my nostrils, the smell and feel of my favorite leather jacket that is about twenty years old and the holidays which are now right around the corner.


3 Replies to “It will soon be September”

  1. Naaaaahhhhhhh. You’ll look back over twenty years and have a lot that was accomplished. Maybe not as much as you wanted to do, but something. Hell, I still have a lot of work to do on our house. We moved here in 1992, almost nineteen years ago. Lots more still to do, but lots accomplished. Which is not to say that the days don’t all start melding together after a while!

  2. I have redone every room in my house, almost each one down to the studs and replaced sheetrock, electrical, more insulation… installed wood floors throughout and yet I look at all of this as just “stuff” not an accomplishment. In 20-50 years, someone will bulldoze this place to make room for a mini mall or high speed train or something and won’t give two craps about the craftsmanship I put into the cabinetry or how I got really good at sheetrocking with no visible seams…

    I guess when I think of accomplishments, I think of those things that will survive me. Maybe I’m being too greedy 🙂

  3. I used to think in terms of things to survive me when I was still writing novels. Although, as I pointed out on a blog off feature on that very question, only a few published writers actually succeed in staying on the shelf for centuries. A hundred years from now I doubt that anyone will read Tom Clancy, but hey, he’s rich now, why should he give a damn about a future he won’t be in!

    As for the home remodeling, yeah, someone else will probably do something else with this place. Although I cannot imagine anyone ripping out the kitchen I’ll make just because of the way I want to make the cabinets. And the rooms and such will have such a logic that I honestly think the real estate agent will be peeing himself to show everything off to prospective buyers, who when they sell the place later on, will employ the same tactic. How long will this place last? Don’t know. And, frankly, don’t care that much. I would be very happy to come to the end of this work and enjoy the place for two or three decades, and if I can do that I’m rich.

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