It’s a crappy job, but…

Ok, I live with some really cheap people. They re-use the plastic bags they get from trips to the store. So, I thought I would rank the bags in order of quality and fitness for “the job.”

#1 TARGET: This is not only a really cool place to shop, but their small plastic bags are excellent for this dirty task. The seams never break, they are slightly thicker than the average “free bag” and they look really stylish when carrying the “merchandise.”

#2 KROGER: I admit, I may be a bit bias because these bags are everywhere all the time. We make so many trips to Kroger that we sometimes have to throw them away to keep them from overflowing all over the place. Kinda like Tribbles. But, while they are ok for the job, you have to watch the seams and make sure there are no holes in the bottom. They are great when the bags are fresh, but the plastic tends to break down, expecially when they are all balled up in a jacket pocket for a while. 

#3 WALMART: I admit, I don’t shop Walmart, but sometimes my family does. You would think that Walmart bags would be used to holding crap in them, but they are not even good for that task. Thin, seams break easily… Just like Walmart, they are good in a pinch, but not my first choice.

#4 CHINA STAR: Don’t even bother. Throw these bags away.

Hope this helps in keeping the poop off the hands, in the bag and off the ground!