JD’s Custard is now closed for the season

JD’s Custard is now closed until spring…. Rufus really enjoyed his weekly double scoop of frozen vanilla custard. The really bad thing is they are taking the picnic tables away until spring as well, so there is nowhere to sit when we eat the “canine coffee cake” muffin from the Java Spot next door.

Well we’ll soldier through this one… may have to hit the DQ more often. Nothing exciting today.. the usual sniff, pee, pee, pee, poop, sniff, sniff, sniff, pee routine…

2 Replies to “JD’s Custard is now closed for the season”

  1. Your closed/????????? My MOM was looking forward to just one more LEMON CUSTARD CONE:(:(:(:(:( I drive from Greenville just to bring her there for a cone,,,That really makes her HAPPY, have you ever seen your MOM UNHAPPY ???? It ain’t PRETTY:(:(:(,,,,Now, please tell me I can bring her in for her SATURDAY cone,,,JEEEEZ, she is 82,…………I’m waiting for an answer

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