Keeping the big picture in sight

The recent flurry of Palin hype has made some in the Democratic party to panic and take to sniping at the McCain/Palin camp. We have been ever-so-slightly guilty of that as well, but the recent ABC interview has taken some of the edge off. We just have to keep her talking and the plan will unravel.

Deanie Mills at the Huffington Post encourages a more big picture approach which is more presidential. It takes faith, hope, patience, tenacity and wisdom to face an opponent who favors full front assault, sound bytes and incendiary rhetoric in a world full of powder kegs.

Let’s hope there is enough time for the patience and tenacity to work. For those in the GOP who are now hanging out the “Mission Accomplished” banner, declaring the election over and McCain the winner, just remember how the last little celebration went.

Editor note: for those paying attention to the details, you may have noticed the use of the word pig instead of big in the title of this post. I just noticed it and it truly was an innocent typo. I wasn’t trying to be clever or mean, it really, really was just a typo. It has been fixed.