Laissez Faire

David Boaz with the Cato Institute wrote an article for the WSJ on Starbucks and their personalized card, where they rejected the term “laissez-faire” You can read it here. Mr. Boaz launches into a complicated argument about why, etc. and the real explanation is just a whole lot simpler than he posited.

Here it is: Starbucks is a victim of the lowest quality education this country has ever had. Here is how this whole thing probably went down.

The 20-something who was originally in charge of approving/declining the card got this funny-looking French phrase in. MAYBE he/she Googled it, but probably not. They rejected it because they did not know what it meant OR they remember somewhere in HS American History that it was a bad US policy that was the cause of the Great Depression or that is was an act of sedition against capitalism or some other silly explanation. So, probably Un-American, let’s not approve it. Then, with every other request, because it was originally declined, the next 20-something just had to look it up in the previously declined list and dutifully reject it without reason.

Simple, Mr. Boaz, eh? Sure beats assuming the people at Starbucks are reasoning these things out. No greater than the end-product of a truly laissez-faire educational system.