Living in the land of plenty

I remember growing up in St. Paul, there was a donut shop on University and Dale that made the best raised donuts in the world. They were big and my favorite was a chocolate with crushed peanuts on top. We would take a special trip there every few months and only get one donut for each of us. The donut would take forever to eat.

We had the same relationship with the Dairy Queen on Rice St. We would visit the DQ on the Sundays our family drove down by the Mississippi to watch the barge traffic. We didn’t go for those drives often and we would always only get a small cone per kid. No matter how hot it was, that ice cream would last for a long time.


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  1. I think TV is getting less entertaining. A good idea comes along and they over produce it until the audience is exhausted (CSI or American Idol anyone?).

    We have been without cable for a couple of years. For the Super Bowl I decided to go ahead and put up an antenna. Now we get 24 over-the-air channels. I still can’t find anything worth watching and no one else in the family even wants to try.

    My kids read more than I ever did at their age. Dumping cable for so long had a very positive affect on our family.

  2. TV is getting rather lean. So is the quality of literature.. (YA Vampire novels anyone?)

    Everyone wants to eat but nobody wants to join the hunt. When the hunters are getting rewarded less and less for their conquests, the pack will starve. I think that is what we are seeing here.. fewer and fewer people want to go through the pain of creating (hunting) simply because the rest of the pack devalues that contribution. The end game is that we all will be less nourished as time goes by, existing on empty mental calories until even those don’t satisfy. By then, everyone will have forgotten how to create (hunt)

  3. It seems that these networks are less patient with their shows.

    Julie and I lost heart when we fell in love with Journeyman a few years ago. It was a fantastic show that was cancelled half way through the season.

    A couple of years ago I hunted down the first season of Seinfeld. There is no way that show would make it now. The first season was awful!

  4. You are certainly right, there is more to consume than we could ever get our minds around. I barely watch anymore live TV, except for news and sports. I find it annoying that shows start at 7:00 and I need to watch them all the way through, without pausing. (Note: I don’t have a DVR, which is tantamount to living in the dark ages.) I do pay for streaming Netflix and Hulu Plus. They provide me an opportunity to watch a lot of interesting stuff I would have probably never considered or known about a few years ago.

    The best example I can think of is the “The Girl with The Dragon Tatoo” and the two sequels. I’m not talking about the recently released U.S. version, but the original Swedish films. They are on Netflix and were three of the best films I’ve seen my entire life. Part of why I liked them was that the films didn’t have that Hollywood sheen to them.

    So, I am quite sure that you are correct about the creators, at least, in the U.S., where we have become fat and lazy, but I think that there are plenty of hungry artists in the rest of the world that will still set their sights higher than “Snooki”. At least, that is what I hope.

  5. I am honestly not sure, but I don’t recall having seen any commercials. I use Netflix about 80% of the time and Hulu Plus around 20%. I really like them both.

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