Look what I got for five bucks! My fiverr.com test

Last week, I found out about this web site called Fiverr.com. Being of a curious nature, I go there and read a few things that people will do for $5. Some of this stuff I would never trust for a fiver, but Adam Russell’s listing “I will over react to anything you want for $5” caught my eye.

I could not pass that up. I plunked down $5 for the video and another $5 to upgrade to HD and waited.

This is what Adam came back with. It might be his British accent, his youth or his comedic timing but I think it’s quite funny! Certainly worth way more than $10. This kid will be famous one day. Dogs have a nose for this.

If you need to rant about something but you’d rather a surrogate did it instead of you, ring up Adam. He’ll rant for you and you can disavow yourself of all ownership if you get caught.

For now, crack open a beer, unwrap a whoopie pie and watch. Eat and drink fast; it’s only :45 seconds.

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