Looking for that crack nobody else saw

I have a love/hate relationship with literature.

I graduated (or more correctly, was stamped and processed out) with a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Minnesota. In short, that meant — in America — I was unemployable and bound to be a pain in the butt for anyone whose grammar was not up to snuff. Having an English degree is like being a priest in bar except people don’t watch what they say, but how they say it. This usually ends up in an embarrassing exchange resulting in the misuse of the word “whom.”*


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  1. I like your advice on the ‘who or whom’ thing. I fight that a lot!

    Since your ‘favorite color’ post I have been on a crack search as well. It has really paid off!

    Crack sniffers unite! (not that kind of crack you sick-o!)

  2. Some day, I might just write that “English in Plain English” book. I think lot of people try to use the language way above their education level and it comes across as even worse than if they just spoke the way they feel most comfortable. English majors who correct others in public are bullies and idiots.

    I am flattered that something I zigged off the path had an effect on you. I never know and am always taken by surprise when my random barking finds a home. Thank you. Knowing that affects me deeply as well. Keep writing, no matter what. It is our desperate attempt to leave a mark that we were here, that what we had to say mattered. It just might.

  3. You’re right, now that I know you’re an English major, I’m a little uncomfortable writing this comment. But that’s what this LetsBlogOff thing is about, right? Digging deep and getting our thoughts out there in all their poor punctuation and bad grammar glory. So here goes:

    Whenever I skip a topic I feel bad, like I’ve given up. I’ve realized that I’m the one missing out when I don’t participate. In some way, they help me evolve, get clarity and that’s enough incentive to keep participating. As painful as some of them are, when I can’t think of what in the world I’m going to say… somehow, ideas come. Seeing that happen is what’s most important.

  4. See?? Being an English major in a Blog Off is EXACTLY like being a priest in a bar. 🙂

    I never thought about what it means for the people who skip a LetsBlogOff, though I have been tempted many times, especially when it is 3:00am the morning of and I GOT NOTHING! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one has this malady.

    Now that I outed myself as an English major, I’ll have to watch all my typos and non-verb disagreements…. *sigh*

  5. I think it could be a book, Rufus: why just stop at thesis. You have so many ties that bind your disperate forays into deeper thought that you could easily have a book from your blog posts. I, for one, would treasure such a book. Great post (as always, inspiring)!

    Your cohort in Lytmus crime!

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