Maddow Apostrophe-gate rages on unabated

Despite warnings from the Allied Association of Assorted Punctuation and the Apostrophe Association of America (the real AAA) when her first infraction was discovered on July 26, 2010, Rachel Maddow continues to flagrantly misuse the apostrophe in her on-air titles supporting The Rachel Maddow Show (or as she tries cleverly to disguise as TRMS)

A screen shot of yesterday’s show is below, this time with the ringleader at the desk:

The copyeditor used a single quote when s/he should have used an apostrophe. The part that was being contracted was the 19 from 1992. The infraction was also seen later in the subtitle that appeared under the segment. The entire segment was aired without correction.

Again, we demand an apology from TRMS and assurances that these infractions will cease. If credibility in typography use can not be assured, how can we trust any of the facts, analysis and conclusions being given on the entire show?

Again, Maddow, we’re waiting. And we’re not going to accept a contracted apology.


8 Replies to “Maddow Apostrophe-gate rages on unabated”

  1. Love it! I hate it when television “journalists” use incorrect grammar, slang, puns or metaphores. Don’t they teach those as no-no’s at university?

  2. Sadly, they do not! We used to know these things and then the typewriter made us dumb to typography. When we all got computers and learned desktop publishing, nobody bothered to unlearn typewriter bad habits. This is the result of a punctuated, truncated education. (pardon the pun)

  3. I, of course, believe everything that is presented on tv like it’s the word of God and if these minor errors are evidence of larger fallacies that might be present I will be shaken to my glass-eyed, close-minded, sheepish core. I’m scared. Hold me close, Rufus.

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