Maddow Apostrophe-gate

I was watching The Rachel Maddow Show tonight and the segment about Blago came on. I could not believe what I was seeing! The horror, the carnage of typography on my screen.

Here is what was shown:

Notice that they used a single quote when it should have been an apostrophe to indicate a contraction of Blagojevich, like so:

Apostrophes everywhere are pretty hopping mad and demand an apology from TRMS. In this era of high unemployment, the apostrophe union is demanding an explanation as to why a single quote was used when there was clearly a large pool of qualified, skilled apostrophes available for the job.

Maddow, we’re waiting. And we’re not going to accept a contracted apology.

4 Replies to “Maddow Apostrophe-gate”

  1. Oh, yeah. You and me both. I’m not sleeping a wink tonight. This sort of thing has to stop! If not me, then who? If not tonight, when? Who will stand up for all these mis-placed apostrophes? Hyphen? Em-dash? Certainly not single quotes; they have too much to gain. It’s wrong; it’s immoral and it needs to end!

  2. Clearly.. and no apology apparently is forthcoming… we may have to call a strike; Let’s see what they can do when they don’t have apostrophe to kick around any more!

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