May all your ideas be weeds


Take a good look at the photo above. What do you see?

Most of us see a dandelion, a vile weed that should be ripped up, poisoned and killed, stomped out and cursed at.

And I did too until just the other day when it occurred to me that I have been looking at dandelions all wrong for a very, very long time.

A dandelion is a fantastic example of nature that refuses to die gracefully, constantly adapting itself to insure its survival in spite of being poisoned with pesticides and maliciously hacked up. We pull the flower, we dig the root and still, year after year, dandelions find a way to reproduce and procreate quickly in abundance. When we dig, they burrow deeper; when we pluck, they seed discreetly. When we poison, they grow resistant.

And when they grow ripe for spreading, their yellow flowers form irresistible wispy orbs that entice children and adults alike to pluck the stem and blow the seeds back into the lawn where they take hold and produce more enduring plants. Before we realize what we have done, the seeds have scattered, destined to take root the next season without fail.

May all your ideas be weeds.

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2 Responses to May all your ideas be weeds

  1. Funny just talking about Dandelions today at a business meeting. We were talking about social media and the fine line between sharing information and shameless self promotion or spam. Seems that line tends to get a bit squiggly depending on the person on the receiving end. Much like the dandelion which can be viewed as weed, food or fuzzy blowy thingy, what’s one man’s information is another man’s spam.

  2. Rufus says:

    @veronika Rufus Shepherd (cool name, right? 🙂 ) has so far said it best in this post: