Men are not dogs to be trained, children to be wiped up after or anything darling

I am going out a ledge with this post, but there are some thought cloud trending happening in the news, in blogs and in our culture generally that looks like it is going to take hold of the way we view gender in the next several years. I need to get this off my chest and vow here that no matter how much our culture will be driven by women in the next generation, these things will never be true. I may lose my entire female readership over this, but that is just life. We all decide which pack we’re going to run with.

Men are dogs needing to be trained
Dogs are dogs. Men are human beings who just happen to be a different gender than women. Some of the blogs written by women that I have been reading for a while are becoming more bold at comparing the men in their lives to dogs needing to be trained. (I’m not going to list them here, but you know who you are.) Take a look at the picture of Charlie wearing a tie. If you can’t tell the difference between that and a man, you have got some serious issues. Comparing men to dogs is not fair to dogs so just stop it. It’s not funny and it’s really not clever.



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  1. Good call. As a designer I run into this gender nonsense constantly. Statistics say nothing about individual aptitudes or attitudes and marketers (and others) ignore this at their peril. As clever as the Old Spice ads are, I wouldn’t buy an Old Spice product if you paid me.

  2. Marketing to the individual is a lot of hard work. Lumping us into homogeneous groups, that’s the answer! 🙂 Look away, now look at me. I’m on a horse…

  3. Being a woman tired of some of the things going on in society and struggling to make my own family nest, I applaud your post. It can really work as a two way street. Yes, I see too many women who get a little power and vow to crush all men under there foot like a bug as “repayment” for something that happened years and years ago (not even committed by the poor guy that’s paying for it). I suppose that I am guilty of this occassionally too, but try to be very sensitive to it and stop as soon as I spot it.

    As women, we crave companionship. If we are constantly making our husbands, boyfriends, or whatever feel like less than what they are, how can we really expect true companionship. You are 100% correct…men and women are different. BUT, they are that way for a reason. Both genders need to respect what the other brings to the table and cherish it. The world will be an ugly place if one gender rules unanimously over the other. I’m going to get some flak for this, but: There are days that I really feel like women have taken the equal rights thing way too far. Yes, we want to be respected. Yes, we want to be treated the same as a guy. Yes, we want to be heard. But, no, we can’t do everything and should stop thinking we have the master plan to the universe and are owed something for “free”….just my two cents.

  4. I grew up knee-deep in the middle of the Women’s Lib Movement of the late 60s-70s. Equality for women seemed logical, but it was interesting and puzzling to me to know a lot of women that did not agree with these “trouble-makers.” Perhaps they feared a time when some women would not stop with equality and seek dominance. Perhaps they just feared change. We do appear to be socialized for opposition rather than compatibility. Appears to be that way in a lot of things, not just gender.

  5. Amen! It especially annoys me when women speak so condescendingly of their husbands in the presence of their children. What are you teaching your kids when you talk about men like they’re “dogs that need to be trained?”

    And don’t get me started on those Disney Channel-type kid shows that treat dads like bumbling idiots. Sigh.

    If we have any hopes of growing as a society, each gender needs to forget this stupid “us or them” mentality and, like Amy Good said, respect what the other brings to the table.

  6. What’s really scary is they do it with relative ease and impunity, like the parents never grew out of junior high. Mutual respect averts and solves a lot of problems..

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