Mercedes Benz shoulda hired an English major

This is the latest commercial for Mercedes Benz:


I’m not sure how much money they spent on the special effects, CGI or any of that, but they should have spent more on copywriting. The only copy in the commercial is painfully grammatically incorrect.

It should have said “fewer doors” not “less doors.” Of course, they could have said “less door space.”

While the misuse of “few” and “less” is grating and painful to my ears, I’m sure few others noticed. But if Mercedes Benz is a premium brand that buyers trust to handle all the small details on the car, shouldn’t they also handle the details of their commercials with the same care and fanaticism?

Its brand promise of “the best or nothing” to their customers insists it does.

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  1. PS I don’t care if you are German and English is not your first language. That is really a dumb excuse. When Americans go over to Germany and play soccer, we play by your rules, even though soccer is not our first sport. 🙂

  2. My English teacher used a great example to show why we should stop using contractions in all writing.

    Her father’s co-workers purchased a $100 cake for his birthday and the top of it said, “Happy birthday, your great!” This came from a bakery not some grandma’s kitchen.

  3. Crap, I’m now obligated to recommend another book to you. Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynn Truss. It is a fun look at punctuation that starts out with a joke.

    Also, another fun with punctuation thing, check out A one page site for the Apostrophe Association of America prompted by this


  4. I really had no idea that I would enjoy it this much.

    Now, my fellow students this morning got an ear full. They would not stop talking while the instructor was explaining a concept to us.

    I told them that when they get out of school I may have to read an email one of them has written. I explained that I had received too many emails with one……..long……sentence that asked a question and made a statement and had no punctuation and completely lost me at the end.

    I’ve saved several of those over the years and may just take a couple in on Monday to drive my point home.

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