Mission accomplished, nothing was done this week

Radical conservatives failed to destroy and disband the NAACP this week like they did ACORN with Andrew Breitbart’s posting of a edited video featuring Shirley Sherrod. At the end of the week, it really didn’t matter that their primary objective was not met as the mainstream media handed them an even bigger victory; virtually no successful news from the White House. The only thing most Americans know about Barack Obama this week is how quick he was to fire Sherrod* and how thin-skinned his administration is about race. The Sherrod video turned out to be a huge distraction that sucked the oxygen out of the entire news cycle for the week.

On Wednesday, Obama signed the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act into law. This bill was first introduced in December of 2009 in response to “too big to fail” and the criminal abuses of the banking and Wall Street systems. On Thursday, 2.5 million unemployed Americans breathed a sigh of relief as unemployment benefits were restored.

Did you know that? Most didn’t as the pollsters made their rounds, asking how effective Obama is as president. Again, media concluded that Obama is in trouble as his popularity slides even in the wake of successful legislation. Wonder why.

Conservatives have found their dead parakeet. All they need do when it looks like the President is about to have a success is float some outrageous video that baits race, which gets the left all worked up and the right mad as hell which only riles the legit media into a non-stop twenty-four hours of back-to-back coverage. It’s like a fixation on a shiny metal balloon.

Devious, underhanded, juvenile but a pretty smart strategy. It would have been brilliant if they didn’t just stumble into it.

NBC, ABC, CBS, BBC, Reuters, AP. Just look away. It’s just a shiny balloon.

*I know that Barack Obama didn’t fire Sherrod, but how many of our 300million + Einsteins out there know it? Exactly.