Move yer bloomin’ arse

In the middle of the Ascot Opening Day scene of My Fair Lady, where every duke and earl and peer was prim and proper watching the horse race in their best dress and most proper composure, Eliza shouts out what everyone there was thinking, “MOVE YER BLOOMIN’ ARSE!.”

It was funny because of the backdrop which the scene was against but since it was an innately human response nobody really thought it terribly offensive. It was what in their heads and what they all wish they had the guts to shout.

This is the scene that runs through my head every time I hear some journalist or pundit say the American people are tired of the mudslinging in the election.

Tired of it? Tired of it? Are you kidding me? We’re the culture that created boxing, cage matches, reality TV and Omarosa. We love this stuff.

But we’ll never admit it. Oh, no, never. We also would never admit to liking Taylor Swift, Rebecca Black or Carly Rae Jepsen or Hanson either. (G’on click on the links. It will be our secret.)

The latest reality TV is now looking to upend American Idol. Steven Tyler and JLo, do you really want to be leaving now that you both can single-handedly decide the Presidential election?

And now for the entertainment face-off part of the blog post.

2 Replies to “Move yer bloomin’ arse”

  1. Ahhh…how I love no longer living in a swing state. I don’t think I’ve seen a single political commercial yet this year.

  2. Thank God for the Internet then or you would be wildly out of touch 🙂 Ohio gets pummeled every two years. If it weren’t for the big dog muscle of Proctor&Gamble being in Cincy, this market would be entirely saturated by political ads from March-November. Sometimes, I have to just turn the toob off to get some peace in my head.

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