My political leanings

Someone asked me yesterday what my politics were. I sent out a series of tweets explaining them. New readers to my blog might quickly jump to the conclusion that I am a left-wing, bleeding heart liberal nutbag, but they would be wrong.

They are living in a zero-sum world that a two-party system produces. Real life exists in multiple shades of gray.

Here is what I believe. If you want to stuff these beliefs into one of two pigeon holes and tag me left or right, that is your failing, not mine.

  • I believe we are all connected to each other and my politics extend from that. What affects you, affects me.
  • No man achieves anything on his own. He is helped by the previous generation and those before them and those before him.
  • We should work to expand rights, not take them away.
  • Economic clout does not define the worth of a human being.
  • Job training is not education. A devaluation in education devalues our culture and society as a whole.
  • We should reward for individual achievement, but not at the expense of those who help along the way. No goal is ever made without the rest of the team guarding the scorekeeper or advancing the ball.
  • Government needs to be a COUNTERWEIGHT to business, not an enabler. Business is driven singularly by profit; government should be fiercely committed to protecting citizens from their overlap on personal rights.
  • The only commitment government has to business is to provide a secure and safe environment to conduct business, i.e., safe roads, railways, intellectual property defense, border control, courts.
  • Minority rights are to be protected, not squashed. Majority can take care of itself through the Law of Tonnage.

That damn political party does NOT exist. The parties that do only thirst for power for themselves, not the people they purport to serve.

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  1. You are way too practical for a two party system that only divides us. No matter who wins, nearly half “lose” and are angry. We had a GWB… how about a DWB!? Good work Rufus!

  2. We should all be angry that both parties AND the media are pitting us against each other in a really high-stakes “game” for the future of this country. When we fight against each other, we give the politicians a free pass. We need to quit thinking they are “on our side.” They may go into office with the intention to serve, but 100 days into it, they are only interested in staying in power. Right, left or center.

    We need to make political power less attractive to keep them humble. All we are doing now is rewarding those who do the most harm to our personal rights and the birthrights of our children.

  3. Love this. It really gets me going when I talk about ONE aspect of my political conviction (mostly healthcare) and I hear someone say ….. Oh – you’re a Democrat. Then, in the very same breath, they also ask (they have already assumed) why I am for “xyz” (mostly this ends up being something about abortion and/or women’s rights). It angers me that people think they have me figured out off of one statement. I dabble a little in both sides, but mostly I am seeking something that does not exist.

  4. I’d join that party. The modern Democrats and modern Republicans are pretty much the same party. In fact, I’d say they’re more like sports teams. They’re playing the exact same game against each other. The problem is, only the American people lose.

  5. I think a lot of people would. Problem is, they see it as a “game” where they don’t have to live with any of the “results” they produce. We all out here have to. They forget that there is a person attached to every tax dollar going in and every tax dollar going out. They just see chess pieces that get moved around.

  6. There is so much here that I can’t even begin to reply. I am a middle-aged, small businessdog and my peers immediately think I am a Republican. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing is further from my values than what the GOP has become with manipulating social values and harkening back to the good ol’ days that never were. I’m about moving FORWARD, not looking back. And the Democrats also keep looking back too, trying to protect jobs in industries that are dying so I am not in their camp either. And libertarians are so concerned about having government so small as to be effective enough to guard out borders, but not referee the “inmates” in the yard. That is lunacy.

    But I don’t understand why folks are so quick to scan and catalog each of us as right or left when most of us fall in the reasonable middle. I guess once they catalog us as “with us” or “agin us” it makes their life a bit easier to cope with.

  7. See? You’re already getting smarter reading my blog 🙂

    The day we all start thinking alike is the day we quit growing, so feel free to disagree and make me work for my opinions.

  8. Great post Rufus, we have the same politics essentially. Though I’m a registered Democrat, I’m not afraid to cross the aisle when there’s a rational Republican running for office. As much as I respect our system of government, a big part of me wishes we had a parliamentary system. Parliamentary systems leave more room for multiple parties and they force different parties to work together in coalitions. It’s hard to demonize someone you have to crawl into bed with.

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