My slice of heaven

My slice of heaven is a simple place. In the middle of a busy city, a single large room. The place would not separate work from home, night from day,

One side would be a wall of windows from floor to ceiling, overlooking a skyline or a bridge or simply look out. The other wall, shelves of books, floor to ceiling. In the “living room” area, I would have one large leather couch that pulls up and hugs me in, one round table for writing and a television (until Mad Men goes off the air, at least.)

The kitchen would flow from the living area. The bathroom would flow from there and have a huge shower. And I think I would like a bidet, just because I’ve never had one and they seem useful. And the final room, a bedroom with a bed. In every room, a wall of windows on one side, a wall of books on the other.

And of course, a dog. Maybe two.

That is all. No granite countertops, no fancy exotic woods, no heavy furniture, no expensive Italian tile. No lawn to mow, not roof to tile, no siding to wash, no shrubbery to prune. The wall of windows overlooking the city would be my artwork; the wall of books my only vice.

This blog post is part of a blog-off series with a group of bloggers from different professions and world views, each exploring a theme from his/her world view. This was about “Exploring your little bit of heaven” It extends a previous #letsblogoff about the simple life. To explore how others handled the theme, check them out below. I will add links as they publish.

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I'm a dog who writes a blog. It is not a pet blog. It is a real blog that talks about real ideas. No, really. I do my own writing, but I have a really, really cool editor who overlooks the fact that I can't really hit the space-bar key cause I don't have thumbs. I talk about everything from politics to social issues to just rambling about local problems. And, sometimes I just talk about nothing in particular. Google+
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11 Responses to My slice of heaven

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  2. Perfect! And I would’ve come up there to slap you around if you hadn’t included the dog.

  3. Rufus says:

    I almost included a “slap around” room, but then thought “ugh, one more room to clean” 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.. and take a book to read and pass along.. We’ve got plenty.

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  5. Simple blog.

    Thank you 🙂 simple comment

  6. Tammy Dalton says:

    Ah, a dog after my own heart. Gotta love an empty room filled with books and a view.

  7. Rufus says:

    After the last topic, I figured I’d kick back a bit and relax it out a bit. 🙂

  8. Brian Meeks says:

    I find you slice of Heaven to be delightful. It makes my mind wonder to a place, where I might create such comfort in my surroundings. This post makes me think. It makes me smile. And most importantly it makes me dream of a Heaven yet to be.

  9. Rufus says:

    If I ever get there and I have book shelf space to spare, I will fill some of those holes with tiny wooden boxes. 🙂

  10. Ruf baby, gotta love a dog with good sense of life. trading granite for a bidet, heh. a first perhaps. large open space, books, writing desk, that is heaven, I’m with you on that! Cindy @urbanverse

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