My Sunday paper made a fuss

This was the front page of the Dayton Daily News Feb 1, 2009. Note the headline states “Reappraisals cause a fuss.”

The story refers to the unilateral move by Montgomery County to reassess our houses and value them by a large percentage increase because many of us suspect that they needed more money. One look at the statistics will show you that Montgomery County is a leading foreclosure county, that nearby Dayton is on Forbes list of dying cities, GM just closed the last plant here and NCR is probably going to leave for New York City (get a rope.)

A fuss? They called this a fuss? I wonder what they call the current credit crisis and whopping 8%+ unemployment. A minor glitch? A wobbly-cock? A hiccup?

Fuss should more aptly be labeled an outrage, an uproar, a groundswell of community rage.

Fuss indeed.

3 Replies to “My Sunday paper made a fuss”

  1. Yup, but why does it always go up? Should be some sort of market value formula. If my house is “worth” what I could never sell it for or what my neighbors who are lucky enough to sell got for theirs, why is the county entitled to that additional revenue?

    Everyone gets to pass along the cost to the consumer, but who does the consumer get to pass along their costs? I’m just saying….

  2. Okay, what about the number of abandoned dogs and cats growing trifold over the last 6 months? I guess they’ll consider that just a “fluke”. Whatever sells paper, right? Thanks and good luck to everybody in Montgomery county!

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