My Web 2.0 friends are high maintenance

I noticed a trend lately with my Twitter followers, my blog comments and Facebook friends. If I don’t post something new, you don’t care about me. I never get an email asking “are you ok”, “am I feeling well”, “haven’t heard from you in a while”, “what’s up?” My page views drop precipitously

On the other hand, my friends in real life, (*sigh* ok, IRL friends) call me if they haven’t heard from me, they bring me chicken soup and hot cocoa when they hear me all stuffed up and coughing, they help me shovel my car out of the snow. And I do the same for them.

But my online friends, nothing. Not a tweet, not an email, no comment, no Facebook message. Nothing.

I know all this social media stuff is the future, but do I really want to settle for a future full of high-maintenance “friends” who never, ever give unless I push out first? I’m thinking I really don’t.

Why would you?

One Reply to “My Web 2.0 friends are high maintenance”

  1. Ah, but darling doggie, if you don’t post for a while most of us just assume that you don’t have anything to bark about.

    If you want us to check in on you every few days just to make sure you are getting enough kibble and walkies, you have only to ask.

    You are getting enough, aren’t you??

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