Naked spaghetti with skinny meatball


I like simple food, but I don’t think the name of the dish should be any less exotic. One of my favorite meals is plain buttered spaghetti and a seasoned hamburger patty. I call it “Naked spaghetti with skinny meatball.”

Here’s the recipe:
1. Boil water, salt and oil (nothing fancy, just vegetable oil. If you use EVOO, just quit reading. Really, EVOO should only be used for dipping crusty bread. Really. Rachael Ray and I will disagree, but since I’m right, it is a losing argument for her.)

2. Cook spaghetti just a little past al dente. Al dente is undercooked and overrated. Drain thoroughly.

3. Melt 1/2 (or a whole, it’s your heart) stick of butter (not margarine!) in the bottom of the hot spaghetti pot. Sprinkle with parsley. Add the spaghetti back into the pot and toss until the noodles are covered with butter.

4. While the spaghetti is cooking, slowly cook the hamburger patties in a covered frying pan. Do not season yet. Really. Resist the urge to salt as it will just dry out the burgers.

5. Once the hamburger patty is cooked, season with coarse-ground kosher salt, a turn of course-ground black pepper and the McCormick grinder Italian seasoning. Just one turn per patty.

6. Place noodles in a bowl, top with skinny meatball (hamburger) and eat.

7. Feed left-overs to the dogs. You did cook just a little more than you could eat, right? 🙂

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One Response to Naked spaghetti with skinny meatball

  1. Kathryn says:

    Good Morning – thanks for the recipe and my dog, Jesse , will be pleased to hear you encourage leftovers!