National City, what were you thinking!

I click on the bookmark into my checking account at and was immediately jolted into thinking I had gone the wrong place. I quickly shut down my browser, cleared the cookies, and panicked. I then went in again and saw the same thing! Then, I realized October was breast cancer month and the whole word is pink instead of the usual green.

National City, what the heck were you thinking! The entire banking industry is in turmoil, people are nervous about their money and you go and change one of the fundamental things about you that says “trust us”? Why would you do that?

I know breast cancer is important and National City is a big supporter. That is ok. But, next year, please, please, please forgo the pink facelift and make a big pink ribbon on the side or something. Don’t mess with the foundations of your web site.

And that trustworthy green is a big foundation.

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4 Responses to National City, what were you thinking!

  1. Laura Wright says:

    You are kidding right?

  2. Ricky says:

    It would be nice, if instead of spending the time and money to repaint their website for one month, they simply donated that time and money to research to fight cancer.

    But that would be the practical thing to do, and sadly, people tend to enjoy a show rather than action when it comes to solving a problem.

  3. Rufus says:

    @Ricky Good idea… next October, Rufus and crew will start a drive to make National City aware that their money could be better spent.