None of your reality is really real

This is the town center of North Clayton Village in Clayton, Ohio. It has a nice wide Main Street, store front shops, a coffee shop, a park around the corner and apartments on top of the shops. It has everything you would ever want in a village.

Only it is a fake.



3 Replies to “None of your reality is really real”

  1. Amen brother. If anything, this is too mild. Publicly-owned and maintained sidewalks, streets and parks are necessary for for a functioning democracy. The fools who flock to these Potemkin villages don’t realize that huge swaths of the Bill of Rights don’t apply on private property.

  2. Oh crap, Paul. Now we’re going to have to learn fake Russian history in addition to fake American history? It never ends with you, does it?

    Good point about the Bill of Rights (amendments one through ten for our Constitutionalist friends) They all know that really doesn’t apply on private property for consideration, i.e., in exchange for living here, you do this. Same thing happens when we use “free” software like Gmail, Google Docs, WordPress, Facebook.. we give up ownership of our content. But then, we knew that, right?

  3. tricky topics. Is Disney real fake or fake fake? How about Las Vegas? Washington DC? NYC Soho? The more things change, the more people cling to the familiar. If that neohistorical facade had been better designed, it may have grown up to be a real building in a few decades, beloved even. Now I judge based on what I like. and what I like is always authentic. natch. Pleasantville??

    btw, sidewalks and public access are kinda tricky. Eg, shopping centers are considered public space. and some cities restrict access on public sidewalks, for ex, no ice cream rules seem particularly unamerican. amazingly, Americans, even architects, dont really give a hoot. sadly enough, guess we’re capitalists more than citizens. Values??

    Yeah, legislating morality. scary. KC benefitted from Prohibition, crazy little jazzy district here, so I rather liked that turn of events. cindy @urbanverse

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