Not enough traction lately

I looked at my blog and realized I had not posted anything new since last Saturday. Who does that? Who sets up a blog with the intention of writing insightful, pithy posts about politics and life and such and then goes away for a week without posting anything?

Oh… you too?


It’s not that I haven’t had all sorts of cool things running through my head or whacked out opinions on stuff happening around the world and in our back yard, but it’s just that I have no traction for a 300 word rant. I found myself blurting out my opinion in a sentence or less and then nothing.

I can’t get enough traction on a single idea.

I sure hope it’s a phase.


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I'm a dog who writes a blog. It is not a pet blog. It is a real blog that talks about real ideas. No, really. I do my own writing, but I have a really, really cool editor who overlooks the fact that I can't really hit the space-bar key cause I don't have thumbs. I talk about everything from politics to social issues to just rambling about local problems. And, sometimes I just talk about nothing in particular. Google+
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