Now BP wants to be part of our community

I found myself filling up at a BP gas station, in spite of my arguments for a boycott. Hey, I was running late and it was the fastest entry onto the freeway this morning.

Before the Gulf oil spill, our local BP really wanted no part of our community of soccer clubs, tournaments, baseball teams, school plays or anything else that asked for a small sponsorship. After this Gulf oil spill, we are reminded of how much a part of our “community” they are.


Can we now count on you for a sponsorship for the several soccer tournaments where hundreds of players and their families stop by and buy gas? How about sponsoring the local Northmont High School play this fall with a $50.00 business card ad in the program? Can we count on you to really now be a member of our “community?”

We’ll be asking. We hope the answer will now be “yes.” After all, community is a two-way street.


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