NYC Bark

The idea for started because the Executive Editor of the New York Times, Bill Keller (@NYTkeller) tweeted “#twittermakesyoustupid Discuss” one evening. Naturally we were not going to let that one go so we wrote a blog post and shopped this all over the internets, the twitter and on when Keller finally wrote his article.

While my phone has not yet rung (I still have hope) I understand from a very close, very trusted source that all tweeting has been delegated to the family dog. Yet one more sign that Mr. Keller is taking my idea seriously.

Then, I find out last week he is stepping down in September to become a full-time writer for the Times. Hmmmm… just at the time I suggested that they write a column and companion blog on Urban Dogs. Coincidence? I think not.

So today they run a story about the business of dogs (and cats, I guess, but mostly dogs)

Is the New York Times going to the dogs? Time will tell. My phone will be ringing any day now. I can smell it.