Obama owns a bicycle!

I had no idea that Obama owned a bicycle! My latest fan, Rebecca from www.1world2wheels.org is probably hoping it is a Trek 🙂

Thanks, amk123amk via Photobucket

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4 Responses to Obama owns a bicycle!

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  2. becx says:

    Rufus! I got your photo–thanks a ton! It’s on my desk, looking very smart amongst all the bike stickers. Yes, Obama has a bike…and I’m not sure it’s a trek but that’s ok. he’s riding..and that’s what counts.

  3. Brian the bike commuter says:

    McCain is checking with his staff to find out how many bikes he has. I have three but am selling one. Does anyone want to buy a Haluzak recumbent bike? As for the graphic, yeah it makes a point. Only problem is, the houses look more like up arrows.

  4. Lol McCain has a house for each day of the week, nice.