In the third person

Well, a funny thing happened when I decided to write a blog about my walks with Rufus.. I find myself writing the blog entry in the third person as I am walking, complete with sentence deletes and re-writes… I’m not sure if it a good thing, but it is a thing.. I’ll have to keep thinking about that.

Nothing special today.. walked on the Palace side of the street to Union.. crossed there and went to Java Spot.. had a cup of decaf and Rufus had a coffee cake muffin…. walked back behind Kmart, chased a rabbit.. (didn’t catch it, but made a really good effort…)

Rainy Morning

Rufus does NOT like rain. He does not like getting his paws wet; he does not like getting his fur wet and he will sulk on rainy days. But he hates missing walks even more than he hates getting wet.

With Rita blowing weather up our back door, we had a bit of rain this morning. Rufus got wet, he got crabby, but he got walked! Nothing unusual as the bunny population is dying down a bit.