The REAL reason that immigration matters

I was reading an article in the WSJ today about how the World Cup is good for Walmart, how they want to market more to the Hispanic community and then it dawned on me –well, hit me square in the face, really. The immigration issue is a contrived marketing plan that has probably been in the works for years, maybe decades.

Ok, I am NOT a conspiracy theorist, but I do believe in the tenacity of the American marketplace. Here’s the skinny in real basic terms.

The two largest sports events that have world-wide reach are the Olympic Games and the World Cup. The Olympic Games have been pretty much marketed to death by American corporations and they are somewhat on the decline as a novelty. But, the World Cup has been out of reach of American corporations in the United States since forever. If you are a Walmart that has millions (maybe billions) of dollars worth of goods to sell and no market, you can either shrug your shoulders and give up OR you can CREATE the market. Since this is America, we’re going to go with the latter.

It may have taken Walmart decades of influence and millions of dollars to position this market, but they now have pushed the immigration issue to a head. They have gotten the media talking about it, they have the Congress talking… they have successfully banded the Hispanic community together under one common cause. NOW they have a market to appeal to!!

Do you doubt this? Then ask yourself: Why the immigration issue? Why now? Does it seem a bit too “pushed”, too contrived? Is the immigration issue REALLY a “make-or-break” issue like out-of-control medical costs, Social Security going broke or terrorism in our peaceful world? Really??

Let’s watch the issue when the World Cup fever is over. Let’s watch who does well in the World Cup and see where Walmart and similar corporations take their marketing.

Lots of walks on this topic. Stay tuned; Rufus has some thoughts as well….

In Florida and Pouting Puppy

I am in Florida and our favorite puppy is on the couch, pouting all day… he is getting walked, but not three times a day! But, he is getting canned dog food at night.

Corporate sponsorship at my funeral

As we were walking through the cemetery, Bell Funeral Services was setting up their blue canopy for a funeral. I know it is Bell because that is the biggest thing you can read on the canopy.

I got to thinking it would probably be more appropriate to have a place for the deceased’s name instead of slapping on yet another piece of advertising. “Good bye, Mr. Dogg! By the way, be sure to keep Bell Funeral Services in mind in case you need to spend your last dime before you get to the other side!”

One more thing.. as I was walking by, I happened to look up and one of the guys setting up turns his head and spits. Nothing like the image I have of Bell Funeral Services, taking my last dime and then spitting on my grave!

Where have we been?

It has been AGES since we blogged, so our loyal fans are probably wondering where we have been. We are still here, doing three walks a day.

It has been a couple of high-travel months for me, and the January panic set in rather deeply this year, so there has not been that much time to writing.. well, the time has been there, but the mental exhaustion that comes with long days, has also been here. I promise to write more often.

Rufus has converted the entire Tim Horton’s morning crew. We pull up almost every day and order a large decaf, with a heat sleeve, a two Homey-dipped Tim Bits. Most of the time, they give them to Rufus for free. We’re going to induct them in the Rufus Fan Club once we get that off the ground (hopefully by summer!)

Well. not much else to say and it is once again time to walk the puppy!

Overhead danger

Went walking along the bike path that connects Adelweis to Grossnickel Park… unshoveled, of course, because it is a Metro Parks path and the City of Englewood got lots of money to build it… but doesn’t really want anyone to use it…. there is a section that passes underneath I-70.. DANGEROUSLY close to thing like rocks spitting off trucks, cars spraying crap off the edge… heaven help the city if anyone actually gets killed by a flying tire, shredding off a truck trailer. A cage or fence is probably a really good idea, but won’t ever happen because .. well, hey, that would cost money and that would take away from the walkway paver project….

Proof of the existence of God

Ok, I now have proof of the existence of God.. and the answer to all my prayers is an emphatic “hell, no!”

I was walking our favorite puppy along the snow covered streets of Katy Lane when I passed underneath a power line, packed with snow. A big clump came down on my head and went into my jacket collar. Hmmm.. something to ponder…

Rufus loves NEW snow and likes to run really fast in the fresh powder. That gives me a dilemma as I have to trudge through the unshoveled parts of the walk behind him… slowly… It took us about an hour to walk up to The Java Spot and back, through the cemetery, back behind the fence and through the unshoveled part of the very expensive pavers, now covered in snow… sure glad we replaced almost all of them over the summer!

Snow and Frozen Custard

It snowed on Friday…. still walking in the street… Went to pick up the Egg Nog and Peppermint Custard at JD’s.. good stuff.

Not much has been on my mind during walks the past few days as I have to keep alert with all these kids flying around the subdivision at the speed of heat! Trying to keep Rufus from becoming road kill 🙂

Dayton Irony

This morning, we had to drop the van off for some warranty work. It took an hour, so we went off around Riverscape, downtown, etc… As you walk through Riverscape, there are points of interest markers, detailing the exploits of Daytonians. The pop-top can, the self starter for cars, carbon paper, powered controlled flight and computer file search — among other things — were invented in Dayton. In short, we have probably the best and the brightest who lived and invented here in Dayton. Yet, the irony of it all: as I contemplated whether to take the street path or the river path, I looked down at the river path and it was under water…

All these wonderful inventions and we can’t figure out how to keep the river from overflowing onto the river path….. yeah, we took the street path.. Rufus hates water…


Yesterday, Rufus and I walked along the back side of National. Along this path, there are three sidewalk blocks that are interesting. One has the name “Emily” carved into the edge.. the other has two hand prints smack in to the middle of the block and the third has “Matt” written along the edge, close to the driveway.

Except for the obvious “defacing public property” cries from the City of Englewood, I find the quest for legacy fascinating. Not sure where I’m going with this, but I’m sure it is a topic that I will revisit frequently in this blog as it seems to be a big deal… from the hand prints of little kids to the urgent push to create legacy at the highest levels of our government.

Is this why the Englewood Gov. Center is the size of Buckingham Palace? We’ll have to think more on that… I wonder if the palace exceeds the height restrictions on buildings…. have to look that up…..

Restless Daylight Savings

Rufus’ body clock is off, so we went for a walk at 10:00 today…. I really didn’t want to work today anyway… parked the van on Wolf and walked behind the fence… the Java Spot is BUSY mid morning. One guy was ordering and forgot the order his wife (I guess) sent him for. He was sure it was carmel something or other, so Tom started naming carmel coffee drinks, which only got him more anxious. So he called back to confirm what he had forgotten.

I piped up and said “I would just buy one of each” which amused the crap out of an older woman (whom I suspect is a closet smart-ass 😉 ) standing behind him… He didn’t react…

In the “you know what you oughta do” department, a customer told Tom he should sell Java Spot shirts… inventory problems, now… he won’t do it, too smart.

Political Thoughts on Walks

Some things going through my head on recent walks:
Supreme Court Nominee: I think the message your party is sending you, Mr. Bush, is take the job seriously. We know you are busy with lots of things like the Iraq War, Katrina, Wilma… but this is an appointment for life. Learn a bit from Covey; this is more important than it is urgent. Spend the time doing it right.

Libby Indictment: Ok, CNN, Fox and all other news people. Get smart about this. EVERYONE outside the Beltway should care about this case because it is about abuse of power to silence dissent. Anyone who has voiced an unpopular opinion at a city council meeting and then finds “code violation” letters suddenly being sent to their home; anyone who has been on the wrong side of eminent domain; anyone who finds themselves being tax audited shortly after pissing off a government official.. (yes, news people, this all happens in real life, outside the Beltway). Get it right; this is not about the application of a narrowly-defined law regarding the CIA, blah, blah, blah.. It is no smaller than protecting free speech in America without fear of reprisal. Really.

Oil Companies Gouging: Oooh boy… We are a Market Economy. Nobody was helping the oil companies in the 80s-90s when there was massive mergers, consolidations and bankruptcies… Now that the market has turned, and the oil companies have the advantage, there are howls of gouging. (Ok, maybe a little gouging) but nobody forced you to buy an SUV you can’t afford… I know you have to fill it up to go to work because you are one paycheck away from poverty every week, but… oh, wait… maybe it is a lesson to live within your means…. but I could be wrong….

Sick and dragging

Too sick to walk last night, but Rufus dragged me out of bed to trudge around the block…. don’t remember anything, but I made it back home alive… Orion was in the sky, I remember that…

What a week

Haven’t posted anything on here for a bit and after just sending a client a “nag” on updating his blog, thought I would pop on and post.

Went to the vet today.. thought Rufus had fleas. Turns out he has sensitive skin. Doc said to give him Benadryl, but the only stuff they had in liquid (Rufus won’t take pills.. EVERYONE at the Kroger counter had an opinion on how to administer pills… “You know what you oughta do??!!??”) was kids stuff… I should take video of me squirting this stuff into Rufus’ mouth…. not pretty….

Anyway, Rufus was also late on his shots, so we got all that done…

Emily is back at the Java Spot, so Tom is taking his days off again… the city is laying those expensive pavers on the crosswalk at Walnut… and as I was walking by, one of the guys was cutting a paver, with no eye protection… well, at least we tax-paying citizens have tons of money to send when something flies in his eye and he files his WC claim…

Donuts and Business

I’m beginning to worry a bit.. some of my best business theories are based on donuts…

Give em a show
When Jim and I were at the 2002 USYSA conference, we stayed at the Luxor… the Luxor is connected to Excaliber by way of a tunnel.. in that tunnel, we came upon a group of people (mostly adults!) pressing against the glass of one of the shops. As we got closer, we discovered the stuff behind the window was a Krispy Kreme donut factory… They were just making donuts, but there was one heck of a show going on. Moral: ALWAYS give them a show, even if you are doing the most banal thing (like frying up dough)

Look for donut holes
For those of us old enough to remember, days were when you could go to the bakery counter at Cubs or Krogers and they would give you a bag of donut holes for free… they were just waste and were going to get thrown out anyway. Then, all of a sudden, they started SELLING the holes. Tim Horton’s even brands these things as Tim Bits in cute little carry packages, etc. Didn’t cost the bakeries more.. they were already frying up the holes… Moral: look for donut holes in your business.


Just noticed today that the address of the Englewood Palace is 333… half the digits of 666.. either working toward a goal or just gave up halfway there… not really sure… need to ponder more…