Palin popularity not the same as ability

On Morning Joe today, Joe Scarborough sat in his chair and said with a straight face: (I am paraphrasing as I was so dumbfounded at what I was hearing that I could not work the TiVo fast enough)

Governor Palin has been able to attract the largest viewership ever for SNL, the largest for any VP debate and the largest for any party convention. She is an asset to the GOP because this.

Wow! The same logic then would hold true for traffic accidents and the Jerry Springer Show! I tuned it to all three events just to be able to watch — with incredulity — how the GOP was seriously floating a hockey mom from Alaska whose thirst for power clearly out-matches her ability to lead. I suspect that many viewers also had the same motivation.

Without the spin afterwards and the constant hammering of the pundits about her performance, most viewers would have seen it for what is was; an undereducated, over-ambitious person, out of her depths with the competition and the issues.

Joe, this is not high school. Winning the Homecoming Queen title is not the same as being elected Vice-president and possible president of one of the leading nations of the world. Just showing up is not the same as doing the work.