Passing on the magic

I was dropping off a friend at the airport early yesterday morning. As I was coming back to the parking garage, I had to cross the street and go through these large glass sliding doors.

I have gotten into the habit of waving my hand in front of me like Dumbledore in a Harry Potter movie to open automatic doors. My kids have grown tired of this gesture and think it is lame. Now, I think I do it just to annoy them, but it has become a silly almost involuntary habit.



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6 Responses to Passing on the magic

  1. TravelMaus says:

    I hope he never tells his mom. When he’s old enough to figure it out for himself, he’ll chuckle over it. I also hope that if he does tell him Mom, that she’s smart enough to play along and let her little boy believe in the magic for just a bit longer!

  2. Rufus says:

    I hope you’re right on both counts 🙂

  3. Lisa says:


  4. Rufus says:

    Some might even say magical 🙂

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  6. Mary says:

    It’s nice how the innocence and sense of wonder of children can be very magical.