Passing on the magic

surprise Passing on the magic

I was dropping off a friend at the airport early yesterday morning. As I was coming back to the parking garage, I had to cross the street and go through these large glass sliding doors.

I have gotten into the habit of waving my hand in front of me like Dumbledore in a Harry Potter movie to open automatic doors. My kids have grown tired of this gesture and think it is lame. Now, I think I do it just to annoy them, but it has become a silly almost involuntary habit.

As I was walking toward the door, I noticed this little boy on the other side of the doors standing about 3-4 feet away from his mom who was bent over doing something with her luggage. He was watching me intently like kids sometimes do.

I waved my hand like a wizard would and the door opened up as if by magic. His eyes got really big and he gasped. I immediately put my forefinger up to my lips and said “shhhhh” quietly as I winked. He put his hand to his mouth quickly as if to know we were supposed to share this little secret of my magic.

I slipped into the open elevator and was gone in a few seconds, as if also by magic the elevator wisked me away.

He will eventually tell his mom about the “magic man” at the airport and she will tell him to quit being silly. She will show him that the door opens up for anyone, not just a mysterious magic man with a graying beard dressed in a long black coat. I hope he doesn’t tell her for a while.

But until then, we will share this little secret that magic still exists in the most unlikely places and happens when you least expect it.


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6 Responses to Passing on the magic

  1. TravelMaus says:

    I hope he never tells his mom. When he’s old enough to figure it out for himself, he’ll chuckle over it. I also hope that if he does tell him Mom, that she’s smart enough to play along and let her little boy believe in the magic for just a bit longer!

  2. Rufus says:

    I hope you’re right on both counts :-)

  3. Lisa says:


  4. Rufus says:

    Some might even say magical :-)

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  6. Mary says:

    It’s nice how the innocence and sense of wonder of children can be very magical.