Past the edge of the park and back

Edge of the Park

For the past three years, we would visit Centennial Park in Englewood, Ohio for our afternoon walk. If you look at the satellite map (posted below if you want a quick look) and follow the light green line, that is usually our walking path.

To the right are some corn fields and soybean fields; to the left baseball diamond where we have to check out the dugouts every day.

Until a few weeks ago, we had not ventured past the midway point of that first group of trees. Looking ahead, there was just more grass. Besides, the dogs had lots of room to wrestle each other, far away from the reach of anyone wandering by.

But then we ventured just a little bit further from the edge of our world — where the tree line broke — and saw the photo you see to your right.


Blue sky, a babbling book, an oasis in the middle of farmland.

We should have ventured further sooner.

This blog post is part of a blog-off series with a group of bloggers from different professions and world views, each exploring a theme from his/her world view. This was about exploring the theme, the edge of your world. To explore how others handled the theme, check them out below. I will add links as they publish.

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  1. Looks amazing – sometimes it can be tempting to just keep walking! Comet would be in his element in a place like this…

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